Losing weight is hard. We all know there are only two real ways in which it’s going to happen. First of all, eating a healthy, nutritious diet and second of all, exercising regularly and moving more.  

In today’s day and age, there are more and more activities and diet plans to help us reach and maintain health and fitness goals. But, these plans can end up quite costly, and although paying £5 a week for a diet club and £35 a month gym membership may not seem like a lot, it all adds up.

Do you suffer from lack of confidence, lack of money or a lack of time to workout? Then maybe getting fit and healthy from the comfort of your living room is exactly what you need to do.

Life doesn’t have shortcuts – No matter how many “Awesome new products to help you burn fat in minutes” there may be. These shortcuts are just marketing ploys to get more sales. With so many free options out there to help, there’s really no need to fall for these gimmicks.

Why don’t you need a gym?

guy lifting weights

You don’t have to be this guy….

  • Gyms are expensive. There’re no two ways about it. The average gym price in the UK is £32 per month. £32 to workout in a hot, sweaty, smelly room–seems like a bad deal to me. 
  • Gyms are time-consuming. Most people don’t live within walking distance to their local gym. The average consumer travels 17 minutes to their local business’. That’s 34 minutes out of your day wasted just on travel. Add on the time it takes to get ready for the gym, the time to find your car keys and the time it takes to get a locker and sign in at the gym and you’re looking at around 45 minutes of dead time.
  • Gyms are busy and overcrowded. Unless you have the flexible time to work out in the middle of the day, you’re likely to be stuck exercising at the gyms peak times. Being packed like sardines in a tin, with possibly a worse smell, isn’t ideal for anyone.

Of course, there are much worse things you can do instead of going to the gym, like sitting on the sofa watching Jeremy kyle. That’s why you need to learn how to get fit at home.

What are the benefits of working out at home?

Family Workout

Spend more time with your family…

  • I’ve already explained how time consuming going to the gym can be. Why not use some of that time with your friends and family instead. Better yet, why not involve your friends and family in your workouts? Take Lauren Rodgers as an example. The exercise loving mum works out with her children, encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Improve confidence. If you currently do little to no exercise then working out from home is the best way to get started. With little embarrassment or pressure, you can close all the curtains and bounce around like a madman. Get your heart racing and your fat burning without feeling self-conscious. Once you improve your skills and feel comfortable with the exercises your confidence will improve greatly.
  • Improve your health & lifestyle. Exercise is known to improve your cognitive function and your mental well being which will, in turn, improve your lifestyle. Not only that, it also improves blood circulation and lowers the risk of heart problems and of course helps you lose weight.

Still not convinced?

Many celebrities and fitness experts have jumped on the fitness video craze and why not. They know it works. Although many of these have DVD’s which still cost money, it’s a lot less than a gym membership. Following these fitness guru’s on Instagram will benefit you big time as they tend to post free home workout videos regularly. 

Food for thought… #EveningWithJillian Be there! Link in bio —>

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However, if you still want to cut the costs then head over to youtube. Youtube has plenty of free home workout videos so you can alternate your workouts daily and by watching a video you can copy the moves exactly how they should be done.

Why not read our home workout for your forearms and follow us on Pinterest to keep up to date with our fitness boards.

What about nutrition?


Eating healthily alongside exercise is the only way you will lose weight. Whether you have 5lbs to lose or 105lbs, the answer is nutrition. You may think you eat a reasonably healthy diet now, but are you aware of the right macro ratios you should be having to reach your goals?

Rewind 10 years, most people probably wouldn’t even know what a macronutrient is. Calories were the main thing people paid attention too when dieting and everything used to be measured by calories in vs calories out.

Calories are the energy measurement of food and you need a certain amount for your body to survive. Dependant on your weight, height and lifestyle the number of calories you need a day can vary greatly.

Fast-forward back to the present day and it’s not just calories we should be thinking about.

  • Carbs (4Kcals per gram)
  • Protein (4Kcals per gram)
  • Fats (9Kcals per gram) 
  • And not forgetting alcohol (7Kcals per gram)….

Are the macronutrients we should factor in when planning our meals. In order for your body to work efficiently you need to have the right balance of these nutrients (except alcohol, alcohol really is dead calories no matter how tasty that beer/prosecco may be).



To lose weight, you’re going to need to cut carbs. I have nothing against carbs. Carbs are great. But unless you are using the energy from carbs straight away, it’s going to be stored as fat inside your body.

When I say cut carbs, I don’t mean completely remove. Carbs are not the enemy. Just try and limit your intake to around 10-30% of your overall macros. Keep to complex carbs too as these are better for your digestive system than simple carbohydrates.



Alongside cutting carbs, you need to up your protein intake to around 30-40%. Eating foods rich in protein, especially after partaking in your home workouts is so beneficial to your muscles. By helping to repair and recover them after exercise, protein is the best nutrient to help maintain & grow your muscles. The more muscles you have, the more energy your body uses, the more calories you burn. You see?

Eating protein doesn’t have to mean living on a diet of chicken, eggs and fish. There’re loads of unique ways to fit protein powders, protein bars and even protein pizzas into your diet. Yes, I did say protein pizzas — Musclefood have a unique range of high protein products including:

And much, much more.



In order to lose weight, you need to up your fat intake. If you’ve been living on low-fat yoghurts and low-fat foods trying to lose fat, you’ve been doing it wrong. Low fat doesn’t mean lose fat. In fact low fat usually means – “hey, we’ve replaced all the healthy fats in this product, with copious amounts of sugar–You can thank us later when your teeth fall out”.

There’s been loads of research in recent years about why you can eat a high fat diet and still lose weight with many people choosing to follow the “Keto Diet”. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Replace your low-fat foods with the real deal’s like:

  • Real Greek Yogurt
  • Real Peanut Butter
  • Full-Fat Cheese’s
  • Whole Milk

You know what to eat and why you should exercise at home, let’s put it into action!

Outdoor exercise

When you feel confident enough, take your exercise outside…

Step 1. Cancel your gym membership.

Step 2. Plan, Plan, Plan & make goals. I honestly can’t say this enough. Plan your meals in advance and create a workout plan for the month. We have plenty of ideas for easy meals & snacks you can make at home:

Keto Friendly recipes

Breakfast Recipes

Workout Snacks

Vegetarian meals

High Protein Cakes

Step 3. Download MyFitnessPal to keep track of your calories and macros. It’s the best app out there for tracking your food and you can even scan the barcodes from packaging.

Step 4. Keep track of your progress, take photos & measurements in order to stay motivated. Finding the motivation to exercise at home can be tough especially with distractions.  

Step 5. Save all that money you would have spent on fuel & membership for the gym and when you reach goals treat yourself to some exclusive sports nutrition deals from Protein Promo.

Step 6. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook. Keep us updated with your progress.

Step 7. If you’re starting to feel more confident, step it up outside, try some bodyweight exercise in the local park using monkey bars and other outdoor equipment.

Step 8. Share this post with all your friends, who want to change their lives for the better today!