Let’s face it.

As a vegan, you probably get asked all the time…

“Where do you get your protein?”

As tiring as this can get, protein, indeed remains a primary concern of the vegan dietary approach.

No doubt that plant-based protein—especially from quality and organic produce—continues to be one of the best sources of protein out there. And a careful mix of researched vegan ingredients more often than not provides a strong amino profile.

Here, we have presented a selection of 50 recipes that span breakfasts, lunches, brunches, dinners, and snacks. Included are quick go-to homemade nutri-bars and bites too, so that you as a vegan adapt and adjust to meet your full nutritional needs.

The Power of Plant Protein

Although animal-based protein has its own set of benefits, plant-based protein can be very advantageous for certain lifestyles. Whether you are vegan for health reasons, or for the environment, plant proteins help achieve lower body weight, lower cholesterol, and lower blood pressure levels. Do keep in mind that proteins do not exist in isolation; hence these meals will also provide you with many other vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal body functions. Just sort your B-vitamin supplement out, and let us guide you on the protein part.

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The BEST High Protein Vegan Recipes on the Internet


1.  Kale Salad with Chickpeas and Spicy Tempeh Bits – 19g Protein per serving!

With over 19 grams of protein per serving, this crunchy, tangy, and spicy salad sets the right note to a great vegan fitness meal. Kale, one of the most nutrient-dense greens in existence together with other fibre and protein-rich ingredients are the stars here.


2.  Pretzel & Cashew Crusted Tofu with Sweet Onion Chutney – 20g Protein per serving

Who doesn’t love some nutty goodness? This delicious starter-style recipe has 20 grams of protein per serving, and is chock full of good omegas and punchy flavours. Although the cook-time is a little high, we promise that you won’t regret it.

3.  Killer Vegan Chili – 14.6g Protein per serving

With spices, quinoa, a beer broth, and maple syrup, this delicious chili recipe packs in 14.6 grams of protein per serving alongside 15 grams of fibre. Talk about comforting food, top it up with avocados for some serious, healthy goodness.

4.  Stacked Enchilada Pie

Made from mashed black beans, cashews, miso, and yeast, this “lazy-girl enchilada” has 20+ grams of protein per serving, and plenty of vitamins and minerals to amp your vegan nutritional needs. Fresh and zesty, this is tortilla creativity at its best.

5.  Great Big Vegan Salad – 30g Protein per serving!

With 30 grams of protein from the tempeh and lentils alone, this hearty, skinny, vegan salad recipe can be easily prepped in containers, and mixed on the go. Made out of a dairy-free ranch dressing, it uses a variety of seasonal veggies for some serious health benefits.

6.  Stuffed Sweet Potato with Hummus Dressing – 21g Protein per serving!

Easy to make with 21 grams of protein per serving, this sweet potato stuffed with black beans and kale, and topped with a hummus dressing made of chickpeas can become a loved dinner option in your vegan regime. Add a few spices to the dressing for an extra kick.

7.  Butternut Squash Veggie Pizza – 6.2g Protein per slice!

The magic of this recipe lies in the creamy and silky sauce made of butternut squashes. With 6.2 grams of protein per slice, and loads of crunchy and fibre-rich toppings, this vegan take on a pizza would please even the most ardent of meat-eaters.

8.  5-Ingredient Pumpkin Protein Pancakes – 22g Protein per seving!

These freezer-ready pancakes have a total of 22 grams protein per serving. Topped with shredded coconut, chopped pecans, pumpkin, maple syrup and almond butter, these are quick and easy to make for hearty breakfasts or a snack.

9.  The Green Warrior Burger – 20g Protein per serving!

Combining fresh herbs and spinach in the patty, these ultimate vegan burgers provide 20 grams of protein each, alongside fibre, vitamins, good carbs, and minerals through the superfood ingredients used. It also includes rolled oats, butterbeans, and peas.

10.  Coconut Curry Lentil Soup – 27.7g Protein per serving!

Packed with 27.7 grams protein per serving, this Indian lentil soup variation is absolutely comforting. Tomatoes, kale or spinach, and coconut milk add to its nutritional value, while ginger and hot spices provide an ample spicy kick.

11.  Cauliflower Lentil Loaf – 25g Protein per serving!

A whole loaf made from this recipe has over 25 grams of protein. And it tastes just as good as any meatloaf recipe. It also includes Dijon mustard, paprika, and chipotle powder, elevated with a quick liquid smoking technique.

12.  Gochujang Bean Balls – 19.1g Protein per serving!

A Korean-style take on traditional meatballs, this vegan version has 19.1 grams of protein per serving, and plenty of heat from the chili-based Gochujang sauce. It also contains chia seeds and sesame oil for added good fatty acids.

13.  Tandoori Tofu Tikka Masala – 24g Protein per serving!

The British-Indian classic gets a twist with tofu. Delicious, spicy, and great for dinners, the dish has a total of 24 grams of protein. Serve it with plain steamed rice, or naan to make a full meal. The skewers can be enjoyed on their own.

14.  Farinata with Charred Broccoli, Lemon, and Capers – 17g Protein per serving!

This Italian savoury pancake-like creation is easy to make and is deeply satisfying. Made with chickpea flour, each serving has about 17 grams of protein. Besides the broccoli, this recipe is versatile enough to experiment with a variety of toppings.

15.  Creamy Spinach and Tofu Curry  – 22g Protein per serving!

Made with cashew milk and chickpea flour, this creamy curry is power-charged with vitamins and minerals alongside 22 grams of protein. Because its mild, its great for those who want to enjoy Eastern cuisine without powerful, pungent spices.

16.  Roasted Teriyaki Mushrooms and Broccolini Soba Noodles – 22g Protein per serving!

With over 22 grams of protein, this delicious looking vegan recipe has buckwheat soba noodles which is a great option for those with gluten allergies. The mushrooms are cooked in a way that they retain their shape and meatiness, and the whole dish itself is bursting with Asian flavours.

17.  Easy Vegan Poutine – 45g Protein per serving!

With 45 grams protein in the entire dish, this vegan poutine can be made from russet potatoes or sweet potatoes. Poutine is nothing but fries, but this one’s a baked and healthier version. It also includes mushrooms, almond milk, and vegan cheese.

18.  Bali Bowl with Tempeh, Peanuts, and Tomato Sambal – 29g Protein per serving!

Who doesn’t love inspired bowl-style meals? This Indonesian variation packs in 29 grams of protein per serving, and is entirely made of out powerhouse ingredients. Served with red or brown rice, this dish epitomises balanced nutrition.

19.  Pea Pesto Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Aragula – 15.,4g Protein per (small) serving!

Peas are one of the top sources of vegan protein around. And this recipe totals 15.4 grams of protein in a small serving. Whipped up just in 30 minutes, its creamy and uses gluten-free fusilli made of quinoa and brown rice.

20.  Ultimate Vegan Protein Burrito – 22g Protein per serving!

With 22 grams of protein alongside healthy fats, vitamins, and trace minerals, this burrito recipe uses quinoa, hemp seeds, and kale to uplift its protein content. Lavishly wrapped with guacamole, this is great for any time of the day.

21.  Amaranth Salad with Swiss Chard & Avocado – 28g Protein!

Amaranth, the ancient grain has more protein than most other grain sources. And this salad totals more than 28 grams of protein in its entirety. Fresh and zesty, it can be eaten on its own or as an accompaniment to a vegan main.

22.  Sesame Cashew Tofu with Sweet Potato Noodles – 17g Protein per serving!

Noodles made out of this super root veggie, alongside crispy pan-seared tofu makes for one delicious combination. Packing in a total of 17 grams protein, this recipe is loaded with sticky, sweet sesame cashew sauce. Get that spiraliser out.

23.  Healthy Peanut Butter Mousse – 25g Protein per serving!

With half the calories of a regular mousse, and 25 grams of protein per serving, this recipe is plain vegan magic at its best. Sugar-free and perfectly rich with peanut-buttery flavours, you can indulge in this one absolutely guilt-free.

24.  Single Serving Protein Cookie Dough – 20g Protein per serving!

Who doesn’t like cookie dough? And what if its low-calorie, vegan, and high protein? We say bring it on! Only at 125 calories with 20 grams of protein (and that’s the whole recipe), we would probably eat it at every chance we get. Almond milk, vanilla protein powder, and stevia never tasted better.

25.  Spinach Crepes with Creamy Mushrooms – 20g Protein per serving!

With over 20 grams of protein, these crepes are sneakily loaded with veggies. Using sprouted chickpeas and tapioca flour, this recipe is high in iron, and B and D vitamins. Easy to make, these crepes freeze well to save you time.

26.  Healthy Black Velvet DIY Protein Bars – 17g Protein per bar!

Not only are they pretty exotic looking, these nutritional bars contain 17 grams of protein each. An unusual ingredient here is food-grade activated charcoal that can be helpful for those with stomach issues, and the recipe requires no baking either.

27.  Southern BBQ Seitan – 22g Protein per serving!

Made from wheat gluten, seitan’s meat-like qualities have deemed it a vegan staple. This recipe uses collard greens and garlicky-maple grits to create a southern-style experience on a platter. A total of 22 grams protein per serving included.

28.  Jade Noodles – 16.2g Protein per serving

With edamame and tons of other fibre and protein-rich greens, this recipe has a total of 16.2 grams protein per serving. A delicious sesame ginger dressing finishes it off. If greens looked and tasted that great, no one would ever say no.

29.  Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl – 20g Protein per serving!

This high-protein gluten-free vegan breakfast recipe has all the goodness of carrots, dried fruits, and almond milk. Each serving has 20 grams of protein. You can experiment with different flavours of protein powder in this recipe.

30.  Seitan Stuffed with Walnuts, Dried Cranberries, and Cashews – 39g Protein per serving!

With 39 grams of protein per serving, you can’t go wrong with this seitan recipe. This variation uses flaxseeds, quinoa, beans, plenty of veggies, herbs, and sesame oil. Even though the cooking time is long, it will certainly be your meal centrepiece.

31.  Curried Black Bean Ratatouille – 14g Protein per serving!

This healthy French classic gets a protein amp with black beans and is served over quinoa. Without the quinoa, one-fourth of the recipe has 14 grams of protein. Plenty of seasonal veggies all add to its nutritional value.

32.  Vegan Lemon Fettucine Alfredo – 22g Protein per serving!

This dairy-free version of the classic pasta dish provides 22 grams of protein per serving. Made with soy cheese, almond milk, and loads of zesty herbs, this easy to whip-up recipe is great for energy-filled lunches and daytime meals.

33.  Vegan Tacos – 31g Protein per serving

Made with soy chorizo and black beans, these vegan tacos are filling, flavour-full, and can pass off easily as meat-filled ones. The best part? Each serving has 31 grams of protein together with fibre, and plenty of vitamins.

34.  Easy Vegan Chilli Sin Carne – 25g Protein per serving!

Full of veggies such as celery, carrots, and tomatoes, alongside red kidney beans and soy mince, this twist on chilli corn carne using only plant-based ingredients provides 25 grams of protein per serving. Served on steamed rice, this dish will quickly become a dinner favourite.

35.  Mongolian Seitan – 29g Protein per serving!

Seitan stars in yet another dish that has 29 grams of protein per serving. Inspired from Mongolian Beef, this version has crispy pan-fried seitan with a delicious sticky-sweet Asian sauce. Little hacks along the recipe make it all the more healthier.

36.  Easy Vegan Samosa Hot Pie – 26g Protein per serving!

Did Hot Pie from Game of Thrones inspire you enough to make your own? Try this recipe with flaky pastry, a delicious filling made of green peas and vegan mince, and 26 grams of protein per serving. You can substitute the mince with cooked lentils for another variation.

37.  Grilled Breaded Tofu Steaks with Spinach Salad and Tomato Flaxseed Bread – 25g Protein per serving!

With 25 grams of protein per serving, this meal is completely worth spending the time on. Golden flaxseed meal ups the nutritional value of the recipe, while the healthy breaded tofu steaks themselves are quite delicious.

38.  Pumpkin Protein Oatmeal – 14.5g Protein per serving!

Filling enough to last you till lunch, this recipe uses vanilla almond milk and pumpkin puree to taste just like a pie. Packed with 14.5 grams protein per serving, this quick get-go recipe also hits the right macros to give you lasting energy.

39.  Single Serving Vegan Protein Waffles – 11.3g Protein per serving!

Ready in just 10 minutes, this small waffle serving provides 11.3 grams of protein. The berries pack in much-needed antioxidants that fight free-radicals damage, while the tapioca starch and coconut sugar keep things skinny.

40.  Green Salad with Edamame & Beets – 18g of Protein per serving!

Quick to whip up with 18 grams of protein, this very appetising salad is great for those who are watching their weight. With edamame, variety salad greens, and mega-nutrient-rich beetroots, this is health served up in a bowl.

41.  Quinoa & Squash Casserole – 15g Protein per serving!

Made with chickpeas, spinach, squash puree, and quinoa or whole-wheat cous cous, this recipe provides 15 grams of protein per serving, and many other nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, and vitamin A. Good enough to freeze as well!

42.  Broccoli Slaw Stir Fry – 24.2g Protein per serving!

This low-carb stir fry has 24.2 grams of protein in each serving. Made with tofu, mushrooms, and broccoli tossed in rice-wine vinegar, ginger, and sesame oil, it’s a great warming dish for those cold winter nights.

43.  Hearty Vegan Potato Corn Chowder – 15.75g Protein per serving!

A creamy yet dairy-free bowl of goodness, this vegan chowder has 15.75 grams of protein a serving. Made with Yukon potatoes, organic corn, and veggie broth, this one-pot recipe goes great with a loaf of sourdough bread.

44.  ‘Umami’ Vegan Lettuce Wraps – 25g Protein per serving!

Filled with a lentil-walnut mixture, these Asian-inspired crunchy wraps have more than 25 grams protein per serving. Maple syrup, sesame oil, and soy sauce flavour this dish, while toasted sesame seeds and fibre-rich lettuce provide a nice texture.

45.  Seedy Hummus Toast – 19g Protein per serving!

With 19 grams of protein through hummus, sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds, these delicious toasts make for a great breakfast option. Serve it with breakfast potatoes and a green smoothie for the ultimate nutrition intake.

46.  Smoky Carrot Dogs with Nacho Sauce – 16g Protein per serving!

Two of these dogs would provide 16 grams of protein. And these taste amazing with carrot, cashew, almond milk, paprika, and all the other jalapeno-popper style ingredients. Talk about a dish with a unique vegan twist!

47.  Super High Protein Vegan Meal – 50.2g Protein per serving!

What happens when you combine multiple sources of vegan protein like tofu, quinoa, peas, lentils, kidney beans, and broccoli? A blogger decided to try it. The result? A hearty meal with 50.2 grams of protein per serving!


48.  Stuffed Eggplants with Fennel and White Beans – 18.4g Protein per serving!

This Moroccan-inspired dish with veggies like white beans and tomatoes makes for a refreshing, healthy meal. Two of these plump, fleshy eggplant halves provide a total of 18.4 grams protein. The recipe also includes tips for a tex-mex profile.

49.  Chili-Lime Tofu and Peach Skewers – 12g Protein per serving!

A great snack option—for barbecue days or boring at home cooking—these skewers have succulent tofu and peachy bits marinated in a sweet and spicy chili-lime sauce. Each skewer provides 12 grams of protein and endless flavour.

50.  Vegan Green Chili Mac ‘N’ Cheese – 19g Protein per serving!

And last but not the least, the all-time favourite mac ‘n’ cheese gets a vegan rendition in this recipe with 19 grams of protein per serving. Made with cashews and nutritional yeast, this recipe is just as creamy and cheesy as the real thing.


So next time a meat eater asks how you get your protein – Share this list with them, and maybe they’ll start eating more plant-based sources of protein too.