Recommended Top 5 Iron Supplements in the UK

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Ongoing fatigue, pale skin, dizziness, shortness of breath, a cold feeling in hands and feet may be due to iron-deficiency anemia. Taking iron pills or a liquid iron supplement, along with a healthy diet, can restore your energy. The best iron supplement for you depends on the results of your hemoglobin or red blood cell count test.

5 Of The Best Iron Supplements In The UK

EZ Melts Iron Solgar Gentle Iron Nature Made Iron Spatone Liquid Iron Dual Pack Rexall Sundown Naturals

EZ Melts Iron

EZ Melts 18 mg Carbonyl Iron Tablets are great for people who are put off iron supplements by the size and metallic aftertaste of such pills.  EZ Melts eliminate the size problem (the pills are the size of aspirin) and melt on your tongue. You can avoid struggling to swallow an unwieldy pill by using this supplement.

Manufactured in the U.S., EZ Melts provide more energy by enriching your blood and fighting off free radicals. Each bottle contains 90 tablets.


  • "Zesty Orange" flavor, which prevents the unpleasant metallic aftertaste of traditional iron pills
  • All-natural ingredients include Iron (carbonyl iron), modified cellulose, natural flavour, magnesium, vegetable stearate, monk fruit extract, mannitol, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • Contains no gluten, sugar, dye or GMO ingredients
  • Made with carbonyl iron, which is slower to absorb and less toxic than ferrous iron


  • Contains a small amount of mannitol (sugar alcohol), less than 0.5g per tablet. Mannitol may cause stomach issues in some people
  • May cause slight constipation when you first use it

Solgar Gentle Iron

Solgar’s Gentle Iron Vegetable Capsules is made from plant sources, in the U.S.A and contains no gelatin. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians with anemia, this chelated iron supplement is formulated with iron bis-glycinate, which has been shown to be more bioavailable than ferrous sulphate and work just as well. Take one capsule daily with a meal to receive 139% of the recommended daily value for iron.

Due to the product’s gentle formula, most users avoid the headaches and swallowing difficulty associated with ferrous iron pills. Gentle Iron Vegetable capsules also offer extra nutritional support for women during pregnancy and menstruation.

Required for the synthesis of the brain transmitters dopamine and serotonin, iron also helps guard against mood disorders and preserves cognitive function.


  • Contains no Dairy, Soy, Yeast, Gluten, Sugar, Sodium, Wheat, Artificial Flavor, Sweetener, Preservatives or Color
  • Iron bis-glycinate reduces the chance of stomach upset or constipation
  • Contains no gluten, sugar, dye or GMO ingredients
  • It increases the level of iron in the blood for people with anemia when taken regularly


  • Causes constipation in some reviewers
  • Should not be taken on an empty stomach
  • May not be gentle enough for some pregnant women

Nature Made Iron

Nature Made vitamin and supplement brand offers a whole line of high-quality, inexpensive nutrients, including ferrous iron. The company’s 65 mg elemental iron tablet carries as much power as 325mg of ferrous sulphate (the salted, less pure form of iron).

Ingredients include Cellulose Gel, Croscarmellose Sodium, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Natural Color, Magnesium   Stearate, Polyethylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80, and Triethyl Citrate

Nature Made Iron 65mg tablets have been certified pure via a third-party   United States Pharmacopeia (USP) tester. USP testing lets you know that the product does contain what the company claims it does and that these substances can be broken down and absorbed in the body.

These elemental iron pills work well even if you have chronic anemia. You need iron for proper red blood cell formation.


  • Inexpensive, and available at major chemists, discount stores and online
  • No yeast, starch, gluten, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Small and easy to swallow


  • Has a terrible taste according to some users
  • Causes upset stomach in sensitive people
  • Makes stools darker

Spatone Liquid Iron Dual Pack

Spatone Liquid Iron Dual Pack – Pack of 14 + 28 Sachets, offers an alternative to metallic-tasting iron pills. As lots of people have trouble swallowing vitamins and supplement pills, with iron supplements receiving most of the complaints. Iron pills have a metallic taste or aftertaste and tend to be larger than other vitamins.

The iron in the packets comes from iron-rich mineral water collected in Snowdonia, North Wales. No other water is added, and the iron water has no side effects. This natural, iron-infused water provides a way to boost iron level for children and adults who lack the stomach or taste buds for iron pills.

The liquid his somewhat bland, although some users say it has a bad taste. You can add this supplement to your morning fruit juice if you want to improve the taste. Each sachet contains 5 mg of elemental iron, a powerful alternative to ferrous sulphate.

Suitable for the entire family, even children two years or older, Spatone Liquid Iron has no has no artificial colours or flavours, sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, gluten, fish/shellfish, nuts, soy, yeast, GMOs or dairy/lactose.


  • Liquid iron water eliminates need for swallowing pills
  • Can be mixed with juice for better absorption
  • Can be used by kids, adults, pregnant women and the elderly


  • Some users don’t like the taste
  • Harder to transport/use on the road than pills
  • Some users experience no increase in iron levels

Rexall Sundown Naturals Iron

Suitable for people with a diagnosed iron deficiency, Rexall Sundown Naturals Iron 65 Mg tablets (Ferrous Sulphate) contains 205 mg of Dried Ferrous Sulfate or 65 mg of elemental iron per tablet. Rexall Sundown Naturals Iron pills support the formation of haemoglobin and myoglobin and will help bring up your iron level quickly if you have an anemia-causing iron deficiency.

Suitable for people with a diagnosed iron deficiency, Rexall Sundown Naturals Iron 65 Mg tablets (Ferrous Sulphate) contains 205 mg of Dried Ferrous Sulfate or 65 mg of elemental iron per tablet.

Rexall Sundown Naturals Iron pills support the formation of haemoglobin and myoglobin and will help bring up your iron level quickly if you have an anemia-causing iron deficiency.

Ingredients in this iron tablet include ferrous sulphate, vegetable cellulose crospovidone silica-titanium, dioxide vegetable, and magnesium stearate. This product contains no sugar, starch, milk, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast, fish or sodium.

A small, hard pill, Rexall Sundown Naturals 65 mg Iron tablets are easy to swallow but tend to cause stomach upset in some users. Take the pills after you eat to prevent upset stomach, and be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.


  • Made from a pure, more concentrated form of iron
  • No aftertaste
  • Good for chronic anemia


  • Contains artificial colouring
  • May cause stomach upset
  • Some users say pills are too strong for them

The Value of Taking Iron Supplements

People may have a low level of iron in the blood for the following reasons:

  • An iron-poor diet, without red meat, spinach, seafood, beans, peas or dried fruit. A diet with few iron-rich foods causes iron-deficiency anemia, which results in severe fatigue.
  • Heavy periods or having a baby. A doctor may suggest a particular type of iron supplement for women with these conditions.
  • Regular use of aspirin or other blood-thinning medicines.
  • Blood loss from injury or blood-drawing at the doctor.

Learn more about iron-deficiency anemia from the video “Anemia – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & More…” from the ReHealthify YouTube Video Channel

How to Choose the Right Supplement for You

When selecting an iron supplement, consider the following:

  • Do you have severe fatigue or anemia, or do you want to include iron as part of a general nutritional plan? The supplement will affect the dosage you take each day. Talk to your doctor and take a test to determine the level of iron in your blood.
  • Taking too much iron, even if you have anemia, can cause iron toxicity and require immediate medical attention. Iron overload may occur gradually or suddenly. You may even experience it if you eat or drink too many meals or beverages from iron cookware.
  • Use a vegetarian or liquid iron supplement if you have allergies or a sensitive stomach.

You may be able to get all the iron you need from a healthy diet packed with protein and multivitamin. Since ingesting too much iron can send you to the hospital, be sure to have your doctor or clinic do a hemoglobin, ferritin or red blood cell count test before choosing an iron supplement.

What are the Benefits of Iron Supplements?

Taking an iron supplement can help you if you have anemia, a condition that affects 30 percent of the world’s population. Anemia occurs when you have an abnormal red blood cell count.

Symptoms of anemia include dizziness, weakness, pale skin, low body temperature and irregular heartbeat. In severe cases, an injection of an iron supplement may be indicated instead of oral capsules.

Iron supplements have been shown to prevent iron deficiency and improve performance in athletes, especially female athletes. You should eat a diet rich in iron and have your ferritin levels measured by a doctor to see if you need supplementation if you participate in running, weightlifting, biking or other sports.

Pregnant women, people with an autoimmune disease or cancer, and individuals with Crohn’s disease or other gastrointestinal disorders can benefit from iron supplements.

Attributes That Differentiate One Iron Supplement From Another

Check the overall strength of the supplement by looking at the amount of elemental iron available for absorption, not the ferrous sulphate weight (or strength). An iron supplement which has 300 mg ferrous sulphate may only contain 60 mg of elemental iron which can be absorbed and used by the body.

Some iron supplements also have Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which enables your body to absorb iron better. An iron supplement with heme iron polypeptide also enhances absorption.

What’s the Best Way to Use Iron Supplements?

  • You absorb iron better on an empty stomach. You may need to eat a snack before taking supplements if iron supplements cause nausea or cramps when you take them.
  • Take a Vitamin C supplement or drink orange juice with your iron supplement to increase absorption.
  • Wait at least two hours after drinking milk or consuming dairy products to take iron pills.
  • Avoid eating high-fiber foods or caffeine shortly before or after taking iron supplements.

Prerequisites and Warnings

People with allergies to soy, gluten or other products should check ingredient labels before buying iron supplements. Most iron supplements sold in the U.S. have few, if any, artificial or allergy-inducing ingredients.

Iron supplements, including those in liquid form, cause varying degrees of stomach pain. You may experience nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and indigestion when you first take iron supplements.

You can reduce the chance of gastrointestinal (GI) side effects by lowering your daily dosage or switching to a plant-based or liquid supplement. Vegetarian capsules or liquid iron supplements are easier on the stomach.

Taking your iron pill or liquid with or before a meal will minimise stomach discomfort, but you’ll also absorb less iron.

Black stools show that the iron supplement works. Let your doctor know immediately if the stools look tarry or have red streaks.

Store tablets in a cool place and keep away from children. Humidity may make the pills disintegrate.

Conclusion: Which Iron Supplement Do You Recommend I Buy?

Each of our five best iron supplements has received positive reviews from users and offered relief from fatigue and anaemia. For overall renewal of vitality and red blood cell formation, EZ Melts Iron, 18 mg Carbonyl Elemental Iron, Fast Melting Tablets, Cellular Health Vitamin Supplement gets our vote as the best iron supplement for the following reasons:

  • The quick melting, orange-flavored formula eliminates the “metallic taste and aftertaste” so many users experience with other tablets.
  • The tablets contain Vitamin C, which helps the body absorb iron quickly.
  • Since the tablets are made with carbonyl iron, they take longer to absorb than ferrous sulphate and have a reduced chance of causing toxic iron overload.
  • Children and people with sensitive stomachs can use these small pills without side effects.
  • No artificial ingredients

Based on ingredients, taste, aftertaste, side effects, manufacturing methods, and user reviews, EZ Melts Iron, 18 mg Carbonyl Elemental Iron tablets will fulfil the needs of most people looking for a safe, effective iron supplement.

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