The Best Hemp Protein Powder In The UK

LAST UPDATED: August 28, 2018 by Sasha deBeausset
When it comes to getting the protein you need to build muscle, or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, few things can compare to the plant based prowess of hemp protein powder. Much like any other health related product, not all of them are created equal. Choosing the best hemp protein powder for your diet and regimen can pose a little bit of a challenge. So, we’ve put together this article to bring you the best of the best on the market, as well as dive into the health benefits of hemp.
Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Raw Powder Pulsin’ Unflavored Powder Braham and Murray Good Hemp Raw Powder Naturya Organic Hemp Powder Vivo Life PERFORM Raw Vegan Powder

The Top 5 Hemp Protein Powders

Sevenhills’ products have been recommended by BBC Good Food Magazine, and have had their hemp powder voted as one of the best in the London Evening Standard. Being critically acclaimed certainly boosts any product up on the list, but it’s what’s inside that counts.
This powder is certified organic as well as vegan, directly sourced from carefully selected producers to ensure the best quality. If you are looking for something pure and natural, then this might be the best option for you.
This product comes with a scoop, which makes it easy to add the right amount of powder to any drink or meal. One of the great features about this product is that you can get 50% of your daily protein and 25% of your dietary fibre in just one serving.


  • UK Soil Association Certified organic, safer plant protein
  • Almost 50% of your daily protein and 25% of dietary fibre per serving
  • No additives, pesticides, sugar, or chemicals
  • Finely ground easily dissolves into drinks
  • Vegan certified


  • Some consider the taste too strong; nutty or earthy flavour
  • Some users found the texture to be too gritty
  • A few reported problems with mixing, saying the powder was too dense

Pulsin’ has won a few awards for their nutritional products and works on sustainable farming with a focus on eliminating pesticides, herbicides, and hexane. This powder is a hemp protein isolate that offers 47% protein.
There is only one ingredient, the hemp protein powder itself, making this a great natural option for those looking for something purely organic. One scoop of this Pulsin’ product offers 14 grams of protein.
Another great feature about this product is that it is cold-pressed, ensuring it is gluten free. It is also free from artificial colours and preservatives, as well as Casein and GMOs. Those who are concerned with production leading to allergens might also find this option to be the best.
This product is unflavored, which means it is going to have a very earthy flavour to it. However, many users reported that it had a minimal taste compared to similar products.


  • Organic: free from chemicals and GMOs
  • Casein and Gluten free
  • Not a strong taste
  • Isolation offers 47% protein


  • Some used may prefer a flavoured option
  • Slightly gritty texture may not be for everyone
  • The green colour can be off-putting to some

Another 100% organic option sourced right here in the UK, Braham and Murray’s product comes packaged in a more traditional container. With over ten years of experience producing hemp, Good Hemp’s powder earns a spot on the top 5 list.

Also ranking in at 47% protein, one of the features that make their powder stand out is the 35% daily value of Omega 3 in each serving. Another great feature that many have pointed out is that it does not cause the bloating associated with whey proteins.

This product also remains Gluten free during its processing, as well as Casein free. Going with the all-natural approach, Good Hemp does not use artificial colours, flavourings, or preservatives. If you are searching for a truly organic option, this is another excellent choice in powder.


  • Loaded with Omega 3
  • Natural taste is more nutty than earthy
  • Casein and Gluten free
  • 100% organic
  • Sourced locally from the UK


  • Some reported the plastic seal under the lid being broken
  • The container is not BPA free
  • Might be too grainy of texture to some

The first thing that sets this product apart from the rest is its higher protein content, coming at 57%. This is another certified organic and vegan option, with its only ingredient being 100% organic hemp protein powder. That might make it an excellent choice for those looking into a pure option for protein intake.

The powder comes in a resealable pouch to maintain its freshness and is sourced from Romania. Cold-pressed, the processing keeps things Gluten-free for those with allergies and intolerances.

The packaging states that a portion of all proceeds goes towards charitable causes. Unfortunately, it does not specify which causes those are.


  • Minimal or bland taste reported by many users
  • Finely ground, good for baking
  • Ample amount of product per package


  • No measuring scoop
  • Processing not good for those who have nut allergies

This product is a Pea and Hemp mixture, which ups its protein content to 25g per scoop. It remains vegan and certified organic, all without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Each product is also tested for heavy metals and contaminants.

Vivo Life’s packaging is BPA free, eco-friendly, and completely recyclable. They also donate proceeds to StreetGames, an organisation that helps change children’s lives with sports. This might also be a good option for those looking to avoid artificial flavours, colours, and sweeteners, as well as any other harmful ingredients.

In addition to the hemp, this product features bio-fermented pea protein, chlorella, spirulina, turmeric, digestive enzymes, and Himalayan salt. The powder is also naturally flavoured to help with the earthy taste that many seem to detest. It comes in Cacao, Madagascan Vanilla, and Salted Maca Caramel.


  • Naturally flavoured for better taste
  • Gluten and Lactose-free
  • Added organic ingredients for better health
  • Smoother texture than similar products


  • Some users reported a strong turmeric taste
  • Other users called the taste too sweet
  • Not 100% Hemp, might be a deal breaker to some

What Exactly is this Stuff?

Hemp is any variety of the Cannabis plant family that contains little to no measurable traces of THC, the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. The vast amount of applications and uses the hemp plant offers come as a surprise to many. It’s bark fibres can be made into paper and textiles for clothing or shoes, it can be used as a fibre in composite materials for automobiles, and can even be fermented into a biofuel. While all of these uses are spectacular from one single plant, the most common use is in health food products. Hempseeds contain an outstanding amount of protein, which can be eaten whole or made into milk, oil, or powder. Why not just eat a steak, though? Beef has plenty of protein, right?

The Benefits

When compared to animal protein, or even the whey proteins commonly found in athlete’s shakes, hemp comes on out on top in every category. That might come as a surprise, but there is a sea of valid science to support that statement.

All the Amino Acids

Hempseeds contain all 21 known amino acids, which includes the nine essential ones our bodies cannot produce on their own. While soy and other legumes may be comparable, hemp has not become subject to genetic modification. It requires no pesticides, herbicides, or and chemical fertilisers to grow, making it the top organic choice for plant based protein. Just two tablespoons of this powder deliver 15 grams of protein into your body, as well as valuable branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) that provide the fuel your muscles burn for energy. These BCAAs are known as leucine, isoleucine, and valine and should make up 40% of your daily need for essential amino acids on a healthy diet.

Better Protein

Those 15 grams of protein are also easier for your body to digest compared to meat, dairy, or eggs. Thanks to the added amino acids and the reduction of slow metabolising fats, your body processes the protein at a much faster rate. This makes it easier to digest while delivering the positive benefits nearly instantaneously.

Mega Omegas

The human body requires a 4:1 balance of Omega six over omega 3. Hempseeds happen to be the only seed in nature where this harmonious balance occurs. Flax, almonds, walnuts, soybeans, and olive oil don’t even come close.

Essential Vitamins

The standard method of processing hemp seeds also allows for a variety of minerals, vitamins, and polyunsaturated fats found in their hull to be mixed into the final product. These include:
  • Omega 3 and 6
  • Antioxidants
  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Vitamins B1, 2, 6, D and E
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Carotene and more.

Alternatives for the Allergic

Finally, hemp protein powder is a safe alternative for those who may have allergies to lactose or nuts. Currently, there are no known allergies to hemp foods.

Practical Uses

Power shakes are the main way most choose to prepare their hemp seeds or any protein powder for that matter. While there isn’t any one right way to make your protein powder, there are a few things you can do to add it into your diet.

The Shake

Just like any other protein shake, add what you love into the blender along with the hemp seed powder. Before blending anything up, you will want to assess which nutrients you need the most. For example, if you need to add more potassium then you could add a banana in with the powder. Some people find hemp seeds to be bitter, so adding fruit can also help improve the taste.

The Dish

Hemp can also be added to nearly any dish you make at home. Mix it in with a breakfast porridge of rolled oats for a protein powered way to start the day, add it to your soup for dinner, or top a salad with it.


That’s right, the versatility of hemp powder allows you to mix it in with flour when baking. While it cannot completely replace flour, you can get rid of 25% of the total amount for each recipe. That means a healthier pastry, and no one is going to argue with that!

Thwarting the Myths

With all of these benefits, it may be hard to imagine any downside to adding this protein to your diet. There are a lot of myths surrounding hemp seed, as well as a few words of caution on using the right amount.

Myth: You Could Become High

Being in the same family as marijuana, hemp seeds take on some of their cousin’s negative flak. Some “experts” believe that ingesting these seeds may cause euphoria or hallucination from trace amounts of THC. This is not only false but absurd. While the seeds can contain a trace amount of THC, the amount is so minimal that it has no effect on the body. In fact, there isn’t even enough to show up on a drug test. Don’t worry; no one is getting goofy off of hemp seeds.

Truth: Consuming too Much Protein is a Bad Thing

Overconsumption of protein can lead to weight gain and possibly cancer in some individuals. Thankfully, plant proteins reduce these possibilities as they are without the saturated fats and cholesterols that animal protein is known for. However, you should stick with the recommended daily amount.

Myth: Their Oils Will Cause Digestion Issues

Some think that the oily polyunsaturated fats, although the good kind, can increase your risk of indigestion and diarrhoea. While that might be true if you are eating the powder by the pound, the small amounts added to your food or shakes aren’t going to cause an issue. If you do happen to be prone to digestive issues, start small and work your way up to the two tablespoons.

Truth: High Amounts of Omega 3 and 6 Can Cause Problems

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and that goes for omegas as well. Studies have linked excessive intake to colitis and internal bleeding or even haemorrhaging. Again, just ingest the recommended amount, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

The Winner

Comparing these five products side by side, we concluded that Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Raw Powder is the best of the best. Its packaging is safer than Good Hemp’s and easily resealable to keep your powder fresh. It is critically acclaimed and offers a 100% organic product sourced sustainably. While Vivo Life may have higher protein ratings, we felt that not being a pure hemp seed product took a few points off for the final decision. Sevenhills’ product offers a high amount of protein and dietary fibre from its UK Soil Association Certified organic powder. It delivers all of the hemp seed’s benefits without the use of any additives, at all.  

Recommended Protein Powders