Top Recommended Fat Burners For Helping To Cut Stubborn Body Fat

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When you’re planning for a cut after a bulking cycle, you’re probably looking for any edge that you can find to shed fat a little bit more effectively. Fat burning supplements can sometimes be the right choice for people who are looking to maintain their muscle mass while liquidating the excess fat that occludes your hard-earned gains.

In this article, we’ll check out the factors involved in effective fat burning and then round up a few of the best fat burning supplements on the market today.

5 Of The Best Fat Burners In The UK

T5 Xtreme Grenade Thermo Detonator Simply Slim Xplosion T6 CLA Xtreme K-Thermo Kinetic Burn

T5 Xtreme

The T5 Extreme Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplement is a pricey and vegan-friendly fat burner which relies on caffeine and green tea to round out the other potentially contradictory compounds

In this supplement, you’ll find green tea extracts, coffee extracts, L-Carnitine, L-Tartrate, L-Tyrosine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Pyridoxine, zinc, chromium, and biotin. Of these ingredients, the coffee extracts, green tea extracts and L-Carnitine are the most likely to provide a fat burning effect.

L-Carnitine is sometimes used as a performance-enhancing drug and increases the body’s ability to consume energy. It’s unclear how much you’ll need to consume to get this effect, but this supplement throws some your way nevertheless.

The other compounds in this supplement are acceptable adjuncts to your diet but are a bit extraneous in a fat burner. Aside from chromium, your normal diet should include more than enough of the remaining compounds as well as enough materials for your body to synthesise anything else on its own.


  • Contains L-Carnitine
  • Contains chromium
  • Contains green tea and coffee extracts for caffeination
  • Vegan friendly
  • Money back guarantee


  • Pricey
  • Contains extraneous components which don’t burn fat
  • Money back guarantee only lasts 14 days

Grenade Thermo Detonator Weight Management Supplement

With a name like Grenade Thermo Detonator Weight Management Supplement, you probably have high expectations. To make the entire package more real, the jar is shaped like a grenade. You pay for the extra marketing put into this supplement, but the components are effective too.

This supplement has the fat burning regulars that we’ve seen so far like caffeine, green coffee extract, and green tea extract. There are also a couple of interesting additions like bitter orange extract and cayenne. Bitter orange extract is often included in fat burning supplements, but experts say that it increases appetite.

It’s possible that the increased appetite caused by bitter orange is a result of a faster metabolic rate, but the evidence is unclear. If you’re willing to gamble, this supplement might be the burner you’re looking for, or it might be counterproductive.

As far as the rest, there are a few essential nutrients like phenylalanine that might improve your mood but probably won’t help you to burn fat.


  • Flashy marketing
  • Tonnes of caffeine
  • Contains a few essential nutrients
  • Contains bitter orange extract, which may increase your metabolic rate


  • Mostly caffeine and analogues, meaning that it will make some users jumpy
  • No real proven fat burners other than the caffeine and analogues
  • May suppress appetite too much for some users or increase appetite too much for some users

Simply Slim Xplosion T6 Fat Burner

The Simply Slim Xplosion T6 Fat Burner is an inexpensive and heavily used fat burner that’s highly caffeinated. This supplement uses an interesting component which could be the make-or-break feature, depending on your needs: grapefruit seed extract.

Grapefruit seed extract contains enzymes which interact with many core drug-metabolizing enzymes in your liver and intestine. Because the extract interferes with the enzymes responsible for breaking down caffeine, the caffeine and analogues included in this supplement pack an even larger punch than they would normally.

The grapefruit seed extract also means that you shouldn’t take this burner with any medications or other supplements, as you risk not metabolising fast enough. If you’re not taking any medications, you’ll likely be taken for a stimulated trip when you use this supplement, so cut back on coffee and tea during use.

Users favouring heavily stimulating fat burners will be very pleased by this supplement, whereas users who fear getting jumpy or irritable should steer clear. The other components of this supplement are amino acids or vitamins which a normal diet should serve sufficiently.


  • Tonnes of caffeine
  • Grapefruit seed extract increases effectiveness of caffeine
  • Great value
  • Once per day administration


  • Will be heavily stimulating
  • Can’t be taken in conjunction with any medications
  • Probably not healthy to take long term due to grapefruit seed extract enzyme inhibition

CLA Xtreme

CLA Xtreme is a unique fat burner which relies entirely on its only active ingredient, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA Xtreme is cheap, natural, and may provide some fat burning for some users despite evolving scientific understanding of its mechanism of action.

The science behind CLA as a fat burning supplement is mixed, but a meta-analysis found that CLA provided a small but measurable amount of weight loss compared to placebo. This means that if you try CLA Xtreme for yourself, you should experience at least some fat burning.

If you decide to try CLA Xtreme, try to stick as closely to the established scientific protocols that saw results. There isn’t enough research on CLA to determine whether it’s safely tolerated beyond the established range.

CLA itself may cause constipation, nausea, or diarrhoea for some users, but if you take it in the amount prescribed by CLA Xtreme’s label, you should be fine.

Unlike all of the other fat burners we’ve reviewed so far, CLA Xtreme has no stimulants whatsoever, and shouldn’t provide any off-target benefits like mental clarity or increased energy. This fat burner won’t increase your body heat, either, so it isn’t considered a thermogenic burner.

CLA Xtreme is unique, and it should also play nicely with any other fat burners that you want to bring to bear. A pairing of a thermogenic fat burner and CLA Xtreme should provide some results to most users.


  • Very cheap
  • Likely provides fat burning per research
  • No stimulants or thermogenicity
  • Can combine with other fat burners
  • Don’t have to take right before workout


  • No stimulants or mental boost
  • May cause gastrointestinal issues depending on the dose
  • CLA isn’t well researched

K-Thermo Kinetic Burn Diet Slimming Pills

The K-Thermo Kinetic Burn Diet Slimming Pills are a pre-workout option which contains caffeine, green tea, EGCG, acetylcarnitine, niacin, capsicum, and chromium. Of these ingredients, you’ll probably be getting the most kick out of the caffeine, although you may find that EGCG helps liquidate some fat as well.

EGCG is a chemical found in green tea which may be implicated in fat liquidation and cholesterol reduction. If high cholesterol is an issue for you, this supplement may be able to help you lower your cholesterol. If you want the cholesterol-lowing potential of this supplement to shine, you’ll need to stick with it for 6-8 weeks, so buckle up.

Aside from the EGCG, this supplement contains important vitamins and nutrients which might help you sustain your workout, but probably won’t help you burn fat directly. The inclusion of cayenne and capsicum is increasingly common in fat burners, and despite their propensity to cause painful digestion and excretion, have no proven fat burning effect.


  • Contains EGCG, which may lower cholesterol over time
  • Provides energy before and during a workout
  • Mental stimulation via caffeine
  • Contains chromium, which may be helpful to workout


  • Lots of caffeine
  • May cause burning diarrhoea
  • May cause nausea
  • EGCG may have yet undiscovered undesirable effects

What Should You Look For In A Fat Burner?

Fat burning supplements are complicated and tend to operate via different mechanisms. This fact makes picking the correct fat burning supplement very difficult, as knowledge about how one fat burner could fit into your routine doesn’t carry over to others.

Furthermore, like testosterone boosters, not all fat burners are effective whatsoever, and some are dangerous. Before you pick a fat burner, you need to understand how a fat burner increases your metabolic rate, whether the fat burner is safe or not, and if the fat burner can find a role in your routine or whether it’ll be counterproductive.

Most of all, you need to know how your fat burner works. Knowledge is power, and fat burning is no exception to the axiom—many a bodybuilder has bought heavily into a fat burner or muscle builder only to find that they’ve spent their money on snake oil when they could have used a method with proven effectiveness.

Fat Burning Mechanism

The most important part of a fat burning supplement is its fat burning mechanism. Some fat burning supplements or chemicals, like Fucoxanthin, increase fat burning in only fat cells by causing them to generate more heat.

Supplements that roughly follow this strategy are beneficial for their targeted action, but often lack robust clinical studies supporting their effectiveness. A great example of poorly scientifically supported fat burning that still makes its way into other roundups of fat burners is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Others, like forskolin, may only have a mechanism of action which works in very specific bodily conditions, such as obesity. It’s important to learn as much as you can about how each fat burner works and whether it’ll be able to work for you at all.

Is It A Stimulant?

Other fat burners are stimulants, which increase the metabolic rate of your entire body. Common stimulants include caffeine, pseudoephedrine, and prescription or illegal medications. These chemicals are the most effective and most supported fat burners, but they don’t selectively burn just fat.

If your body runs out of floating calories or easily accessible calories from breaking down fat, your muscles will be on the chopping block.

Stimulants also increase heart rate, perspiration, and anxiety, so they’re not for everyone. Long term stimulant use isn’t healthy, but you can probably get away with using a stimulant during a cut.

Health Hazards

The FDA keeps tabs on which fat burners are safe and which are dangerous, but you must keep up with their findings if you want to stay safe. Supplements like DMAA might still be on the market, but you’ll be doing a disservice to yourself by using them.

Before adding a fat burner to your routine, do your diligence and make sure that you’re not going to be poisoning yourself or hurting your organs by taking it for short periods of time.

Does The Fat Burner Work With Your Other Fat Burning Methods?

When you’re evaluating fat burners, you need to make sure that the contexts in which the fat burner is proven to work are the same as the context that you’ll be using it in. For example, a somewhat common supplement, tetradecylthioacetic acid, was proven to increase metabolic rate in a small study of male type 2 diabetes patients.

If you don’t fit the bill of male type 2 diabetes patient using the supplement in the way detailed in the study’s methods section, your results may vary or be absent. Scientific findings are very narrow, and in the biomedical field they often don’t carry over from one context to another.

Let’s take this concept a step further, though. Let’s say that your fat burning strategy involves daily supplementation with caffeine, some whey protein, a thermogenic supplement like fucoxanthin, a careful diet, and one potential additional supplement.

It’s entirely possible that there are some websites which will claim that a fat burning supplement works by impairing some enzyme which your body might use to segregate excess energy into fat. If you were to use this hypothetical method, however, it’d work in direct opposition to your fucoxanthin supplement, which would become inhibited by an opposite mechanism of action.

Make sure that the science the fat burners that you choose to use all points towards the same end goal using methods which won’t get in each other’s way. Finally, make sure that you follow general weight loss and fat burning best practices.

Conclusion: Which Fat Burner Do You Recommend I Buy?

Picking a fat burner is a bit like roulette. Everyone’s body is different, and so not everyone will respond to the same fat burning supplement. Once you factor in the unreliability of the science behind many of the fat burning supplements, you may have to try a few of the best before finding the right one.

Each of the supplements which we’ve reviewed has at least a plausible shot at providing you with fat burning, and none should be blatantly harmful to your health. Keep experimenting, and remember to be critical about whatever supplements you try and whichever results you see.

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