Recommended Top 5 Detox Tea’s

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The best Detox Teas can help relieve bloating by reducing water retention that often occurs from eating certain foods, especially those high in sodium. Many products act as both laxatives and diuretics to facilitate removing waste.

As good as the benefits are, a lot of these beverages also potentially may contain other herbal ingredients with side effects for some users. Hence, it’s essential to research your choices thoroughly before you settle on a brand. While picking out our recommendations, we looked at suggested usage plans, and time lengths. Most of the teas we list are for short-term use, with varying lengths for reaping maximum benefits.

We researched the ingredients of the teas, and their effects on weight loss and other health conditions. We highlight any concerns about ingredients too, so that you can make an informed selection.

5 of the Best Detox Teas in the UK

Detox Herbal Skinny Green Tea Burnfatea 28 Day Teatox Set Be Love Body – Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 14 Day Detox Tea by Hint Wellness LovesuperfoodTea: 21 Day Detox Tea

Detox Herbal Skinny Green Tea

The Detox Herbal Skinny Green Tea offers a delicious combination with both a day and nighttime blend. The base of each is green tea, which may help with weight loss.

The day formula includes spearmint, ginkgo, and ginseng. It also contains a caffeine-based stimulant called yerba mate. Together with ginseng, these ingredients enhance metabolism and aim at improving your body’s day to day functions. The night tea contains peppermint, lavender, and cinnamon. We like the relaxing effect of these ingredients, all better to ensure that you sleep well.

However, we were concerned about liquorice in this blend. This herb is generally considered safe for most users. But long-term use can put you at risk for high blood pressure or low potassium levels, especially if you have heart disease.

The manufacturer offers a free diet plan to use in conjunction with the teas. And the products come with the assurance of UK’s GMP guidelines. Users have often claimed that these teas have made them more energetic and active, and some have even enjoyed weightloss together with clean eating and exercise. Good effects or not, the teas certainly offer a pleasant-tasting beverage for short-term use.


  • Contains no laxatives
  • Organic
  • Herbal ingredients
  • Day and evening blends
  • Manufactured under GMP guidelines


  • Quantity is less for the price
  • Can be too mild for a morning jump-start

Burnfatea 28 Day Teatox Set

The Burnfatea 28 Day Teatox Set follows a similar plan as the previously reviewed product with a day and night blend. The day detox tea includes an intriguing list of ingredients such as hibiscus, rosehip, and lemongrass. It also contains green tea, oolong, and yerba mate so that it will pack a caffeine punch with subsequent weight loss support.

The night blend is more on the spicy side with star anise and cinnamon. It also includes both chamomile and dandelion. While both herbs can help you relax, the inclusion of dandelion and burdock for a night time beverage is curious given their diuretic effects. Yet it’s reassuring to know that the teas don’t contain any other laxatives.

We liked the fact that the manufacturer recommends using the detox tea as part of a healthy diet. It takes away from the notion that they are promoting a quick-fix product. The potential weight loss effects of the day blend appear primarily because of caffeine, albeit, in a delicious form. The benefits of the night blend rest with its diuretic properties, which will help you with bloating.


  • Higher caffeine content
  • A full 28-day supply in a pack
  • Day and evening blends
  • Optional boosters available with product


  • Frequent wee breaks at night
  • The spicy night blend can be too fragrant for some

Be Love Body – Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Be Love Body – Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder differs from our other choices as it is a powder rather than a tea bag that you steep. That adds to its versatility for mixing with other beverages.

Matcha is simply finely ground green tea that has been specially grown and processed. Its use as a beverage goes back centuries. It is a rich green colour which some may find disagreeable but it does add quite a dose of vibrance to smoothies.

It relies on the health benefits of green tea and its EGCG content to support weight loss. These effects are increased because of the greater concentration in its powdered matcha form. Research suggests that green tea can decrease absorption of fats while increasing metabolism. The caffeine content also helps with the above process.

We were concerned with language in the product description that is not evidence-based science such as neutralising high pH levels. The human body does an excellent job on its own when it comes to managing this chemistry. We, however, were impressed with the manufacturer’s participation in the We.Feed.Forward Movement to provide meals for children in poverty with each purchase.


  • Powdered form for easy mixing
  • 100% certified organic
  • Extra dose of antioxidants
  • CSR work


  • Pricey for only 100 grams of product
  • Still may need straining
  • Bitter under taste

14 Day Detox Tea by Hint Wellness

The 14 Day Detox Tea by Hint Wellness contains another interesting blend of ingredients such as grapefruit and orange peel. It is a tasty tea that also has rosehip, lemongrass, and ginger for a full-flavoured beverage. We like the fact that there is a money back guarantee on the product, useful if you are trying this brand for the first time.  

The tea contains sarsaparilla which can support liver function. This organ is the body’s primary means of removing toxins. It may also stabilise blood sugar levels to further aid weight loss. A study by Chung-Ang University in Korea found that it could help treat diabetes in experiments done with rats. The other ingredients in the tea act differently.

The purported weight loss comes from its inclusion of senna, a laxative, and several herbs with diuretic properties such as dandelion, burdock, and nettle. The directions recommend drinking the tea before bedtime. However, we would prefer to take it during the day given its other effects. The addition of ginger is welcome to help calm any digestion issues.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Caffeine free
  • Diuretic ingredients
  • Good taste
  • Aids digestion


  • Loose leaf
  • Contains senna, a laxative

LovesuperfoodTea: 21 Day Detox Tea

The LovesuperfoodTea: 21 Day Detox Tea has a blend of caffeine-containing ingredients that almost make it sound like an energy drink. It includes black tea, green tea, yerba mate, and guarana to increase your energy levels for a greater calorie burn. It also contains an interesting blend of flavours including red currants, sunflower blossoms, and blackthorn flowers.

The tea has manna bits which act as a laxative, together with nettle that has diuretic properties. If you are allergic to ragweed, you should avoid using this tea because it contains sunflowers. These plants are in the same family as ragweed and may trigger a similar allergic reaction.

The manufacturer’s directions include the proper method for steeping tea with near boiling water for up to four minutes. They are also more practical, calling for using it in the morning and afternoon. We like it that the tea infuser is included. We also appreciate the clear labelling of allergens.


  • Infuser included
  • Dairy, lactose, and gluten free
  • Blend of fruits and flowers
  • Pleasant fruity taste
  • Expressly for daytime


  • Can cause allergies due to specific ingredients
  • Can cause dry mouths

What Are Detox Teas?

Detox teas are beverages that can aid in weight loss and reduce bloating. They contain a base of one or more different types of tea leafs along with herbs and other ingredients to enhance their effects.

You’ll often find directions for their use with limits on how much to consume. You should use these products on a short-term basis only, especially if they contain things other than tea.

The long-term safety of some ingredients is uncertain. And you shouldn’t exceed the recommended serving suggestions. Many of these products contain caffeine. Consuming large amounts can cause headaches and insomnia in sensitive individuals. You’ll find detox teas sold as bulk loose leaf, in tea bags, or as a powder.

How Do They Work?

The teas work primarily as a diuretic. You’ll lose a couple of pounds of excess water weight from consuming these beverages. Some drinks also contain nonprescription laxatives. The toxins they remove are normal human wastes from the colon. These actions are possible because of the caffeine content. Other additives such as herbs will have similar effects.

Common Ingredients

By its name, tea is an obvious component of these products. But it’s typically just the base ingredient. You’ll find other additives and flavouring agents that give each detox tea its unique niche. The taste, of course, is an important selling point with these beverages. They may not add to the other health effects, but you’ll at least enjoy drinking them.

Green Tea

You’ll often see green tea in these products because of its association with fat loss. Researchers from the Maastricht University in The Netherlands found that the combination of green tea and caffeine aided weight management. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and causes a release of epinephrine into your bloodstream.

That will boost your energy and alertness because it puts you in a fight-or-flight mode. Your heart rate will increase to deliver more oxygen to your body. It will suppress your appetite so that your focus in on your response to stimuli rather than passively digesting your food. Green tea contains about 53 mg of caffeine per cup, but can range anywhere between 40 to 120 mg.

This video from the BBC Earth Lab discusses the effects of drinking caffeinated beverages.




Ginseng is a root with a long history of folklore use for treating anything from depression to fatigue, and high blood pressure. There are different types of ginseng, so it’s essential to understand which one the detox tea contains since the effects may vary. It’s generally considered safe. However, it can slow blood clotting making it inappropriate for people taking anticoagulants.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate, also known as green mate, is another caffeine-containing ingredient that may speed up weight loss. It will stimulate the brain and the muscle lining of blood vessels. It also has laxative properties. It’s a safe ingredient when taken in moderation. However, it can worsen IBS symptoms. It may increase the risk of cancer in some individuals.


Cayenne may seem like an odd ingredient for a tea, yet there is compelling evidence to suggest that it may help weight loss. A review by the School of Healthcare Science and Teagasc Food Research Centre found that consuming capsaicin-containing foods prior to eating reduced overall calorie intake. It can also increase energy burn.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea showed up frequently in teas usually in an evening blend when two were offered. Some evidence exists that it may help with mental decline and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is caffeine-free; so it won’t interfere with your sleep. It is a pleasant tasting beverage that is a welcome addition to these products.


Senna often gets attention as the bad guy of detox teas because of its laxative properties. That said, it is effective and safe even in children when used for this purpose according to research by the Instituto Nacional de Pediatría in Mexico. However, marketers realise that it may not be a strong selling point for a tea. After all, most product descriptions boast of containing no laxatives.

However, senna isn’t the only ingredient with this effect. Additives such as manna bits may have a similar action. That is why we urge caution when looking at different products. Many teas we reviewed did not disclose this side effect in their product description.

Conclusion: Which Detox Tea Do You Recommend I Buy?

Choosing the best detox tea can be daunting with the broad spectrum of choices available. It’s essential to understand the effects of a given product to make a smart decision about what’s right for you. Some beverages may have unpleasant side effects; so it’s important to know what to expect. The use of herbs also complicates the process because of possible interactions. And then, there’s the nutritional bit to it.

Our top choice among the products we reviewed is the Burnfatea 28 Day Teatox Set. The blend of flowers and herbs was delicious, and smelled wonderful as it steeped. We liked the fact that there were two blends that complemented the time of date for the recommended use. We were pleased with the soothing effects of chamomile and dandelion with the evening tea.

When purchasing detox tea products, it’s wise to be informed about all the ingredients they contain. Of course, teas would not show the same results as premium fat burners, or weight loss supplements. But most are effective when it comes to reducing water weight and bloating. However, some additives are not appropriate for all individuals. Play it safe and use these teas for short-term use only. There’s no denying the pleasant experience of a good cuppa.

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